My Talks

I would be happy to come an talk at your club.  I have a variety of talks available:

Introduction to Killifish: This is a basic talk for aquarists interested in starting with killifish.

Chromaphyosemion: This talk examines a subgroup of the killifish genus Aphyosemion.  These include some of the most colorful killifish in the hobby.

Fundulopanchax: This is a large group of west African killifish.  It includes easy species like Fundulopanchax gardneri as well as some very difficult fish.

Lampeyes: This is a group of killifish known for their schooling behavior as well as the spots on the iris that appear to glow.\

It Rains Fishes: All about the South American Annual Killifish.

A Second Look at Tetras: Many people kept tetras when they started out, but then moved on to more challenging fish.  This talk looks at why tetras are of interest to advanced aquarists as well and deserve a second look.

Fishes of Madagascar: A look at the fish of this ancient island with emphasis on killifish of the genus Pachypanchax.

Poeciliids of the Caribbean: A look at many of the lesser known livebearers, especially those from Cuba, Hispaniola and other Caribbean Islands.

Seahorses, pipefish and sea dragons: All about the variety and aquarium maintenance of this group of fish.

Taking Good Fish Photos With Any Camera: what you need to know to photograph your fish and aquaria.

Fish I Would Keep If I Had a Time Machine: a look at fish evolution with emphasis on some smaller fish that one could keep in an aquarium.

The Golden Age of the Aquarium Hobby: A brief look at the history of the aquarium hobby in the USA.

Mollusks in the Aquarium: A look of some of the mollusks available in the aquarium hobby, from snails to cephalopods.

Building an automatic, flow-through water change system: Tired of doing water changes, here is how to automate the process.

Fishy Jeopardy: Your club forms teams and competes to see who knows the most about fish, the aquarium hobby and other fishy trivia.